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This is GPTchat's Manual Surf URL that can be accessed after becoming a member and logging in to GPTchat. Site structure is as follows:
- is login page and Campaigns Promoter (rotator) address,
- is GPTchat members' area address,
- is GPTchat surf engine and optional PTC target, this is also referring url when surfing [VALID SUBDOMAIN FOR APPROVING GPTCHAT FOR YOUR PAID TO PROMOTE].
- is GPTchat Pad To Click, this is also referring url when click PTC ADs [VALID SUBDOMAIN FOR APPROVING GPTCHAT FOR YOUR PAID TO PROMOTE in case TE is not welcomed].

Why this structure? You may find it weird but if You are an admin of CC site with PTP and You aprove then You are 100% safe from Your site accidentally being put in GPTchat Campaigns Promoter, which in turn is a rotator - similar to PTP, ( and Your member being credited from it. This protects Your site against spam-clicking link on our chat ( as well. It's simply NOT POSSIBLE to access Chat or Campaigns Promoter from subdomain!
You can surf here by logging in to GPTchat. After this You pick number in the upper side of captcha. You can run Our Manual Surf in separate window, REAL right frame or GPTchat members' area window.

Information for Web Masters/Mistresses using GPT scripts like CashCrusader: Manual Surf opens from subdomain for easier approval of our Manual Surf only. This way You are sure Your pages won't be displayed anywhere else here like our Campaigns Promoter that has a subdomain of

All added sites are reviewed by GPTchat's Admin first and need to be approved (or auto-approved if there weren't any problem in the past) in order to be displayed in Manual Surf.
Member can set a timer of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or 50 seconds for desired site as well as Re-show Delay, before other members can see the page again, that can vary from 5 min to up to 7 days/site (or paused).

We have too fast clicking protection and other anti-cheat systems that will mark cheating accounts so later they won't be able to use surf, giving Your site as many valid views as possible!
Your sites are always visible! We have a prevention system of setting too small window size! Instead of auto-resizing it (some browsers are blocking it) we just check it and stop the timer until member fixes it by him/herself. We use standard frames to display surfed pages (NO I-FRAMES!)

You need to be logged in GPTchat in order to use our Manul Surf.

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